Schon Cues – These top quality cues really are a must have…

Published: 01st February 2010
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Looking for stunning pool/billiard cues?

Don't know where to look? Want to find a special unique cue?

Search no more!! I'll show you exactly how and where I found mine...

Whether you are looking for a cue to enjoy at home or at the pub with friends or in serious competitive leagues, these cues could be just what you are looking for...

The Schon Cue could be just what you need so let me introduce you to the world of Schon Cues....

Schon Cues were founded in 1981. Schon Cues are one of the oldest custom cue makers in the world. All of the Schon Cues are personally designed, finished and tested in-house before any cue leaves the establishment.

If you are looking for a new pool cue or an upgrade to your existing cue then look no further than Schon Cues. These high-quality, affordable cues can be the one upgrade your game needs and also give you hours of enjoyment with superior hitting ability at the same time.

Schon Cues use unique wood choices, beautiful inlays, and special joint details that you will find these Schon Cues beautiful and durable that will help your game enormously.

All Schon Cues have great style and design that will express your personality each and every time you rack them balls.

Living up to the German meaning of the word Schon...meaning 'beautiful', these Schon Cues really are.

There are six different collections of Schon Cues - Schon STL, Schon CX, Schon SP, Schon LTD, Schon Elite and Schon Unique.

I have recently purchased my first Schon Cue and found that they were available on Ebay and Amazon. I spent a while doing some research and came across a good website while searching the internet, that can point people in the right direction if they are interested. The quality of the Schon Cue I received was fantastic!! You get quality products from internationally known places...and cheaper!!

There is also a video showing the quality of the Schon Cue that you can view. There are also other links of where to get great products to fulfil all your pool/billiard requirements.

You can view this site at

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